Zac Brown Band’s New Song

Zac Brown Band recently revealed that they will be going back to their roots on their new album. The band gave a preview of the album’s style in their new single.

The lyric video for “Family Table” is in black and white and gives a preview to the band’s style they are working for. “We’re looking forward to heading back on the road in 2017 and sharing some new songs with our fans,” Brown said.

Previously in a interview with Rolling Stone Country, Brown said the upcoming release was “down to the basics.”

“We went back to being very minimalistic,” Brown said. “I feel like something happened to me when we were recording¬†Jekyll + Hyde, where we cleaned the white board creatively. We got to experiment. We got to go all over the map, from rock to electronic songs. Now, I’m able to do all my experimental things with Sir Rosevelt, and it’s helped me get down to the basics of what ZBB started out as, which was very much a singer-songwriter type of approach. That’s really what the rest of this album is.”

Check out the Zac Brown Band’s lyric video for “Family Table” below.