Tips For Garden Water Conservation

In Idaho, we are lucky enough to enjoy the many seasons that Mother Nature brings us, however, we can always count on a few hot summer days. During the dry months, we all want a better garden than the neighbors, but we don’t have an unlimited supply of water. We have done a little research and found a few tips to help keep your garden gorgeous and watered. Dennis Patton at Kansas State University says laying down a layer of mulch is the best way to conserve moisture and keep your garden gorgeous. Mulch covers up soil and helps protect the soil from UV rays and drying up, which in turn allows the water and moisture t0 hold longer. Ideal watering time is in the morning when the temperatures are cooler. Water when there is little to no wind, this helps stop evaporation. Generally speaking, plants need roughly an-inch of water per week. Use our few tips to help get the most out of your garden and conserve water as you go!

-Lay down mulch

-Water in the mornings when temperatures are cooler

-Water when there is little to no wind