A Few Things That Men Just Don’t Care About

There’s a new thread on the Whisper app where men are sharing things they they don’t care about in a relationship.

It’s no secret that girls spend a good chunk of time overthinking and stressing about their relationship. According to some men on the anonymous Whisper app, they can stop worrying.

A thread on the app has come up where en are sharing their thoughts on relationships. This might seem like something you don’t want to hear but really, guys are a lot more relaxed about things that we didn’t know about. Check out this thread of confessions about realtionships:

  • “Sometimes my girl doesn’t want to be intimate because she hasn’t shaved her legs. I literally couldn’t care less how hairy her legs are.”
  • “My gf was really scared about showing off stomach and shoulders at first because of stretch marks. I don’t see what the big deal was. None of us are perfect.”
  • “My girlfriend is so sensitive about her diet. She seems to think if I see her eat a French fry I’ll lose interest. I like when girls are casual about their diets. It’s easier to pick a restaurant.”
  • “My girlfriend worries she’s too much of a ‘nerd’ for me. She doesn’t realize that just makes me love her more.”
  • “My girlfriends always asks if I think my best friend likes her. I literally couldn’t care less. I’d ditch him before I ever ditch her.”
  • “My girlfriend worries she’s less attractive during her period. She couldn’t be more wrong.”
  • “My girlfriend hates when I talk about celebs I think are beautiful. I don’t care if she thinks other guys are hot as long as she doesn’t touch them. Why can’t I lie Scarlett Johansson?”
  • “My girlfriend is so stressed out about meeting my family. I keep telling her it’s no big deal but she can’t let it go. But I love her so obviously they will too. Why can’t she see that?”
  • “It’s cute that my girlfriend is trying to learn everything about my favorite basketball team. She doesn’t realize I don’t care if she hates basketball but I appreciate the effort.”
  • “Relationship status: girlfriend of three years just cried because she finally farted in front of me.”
  • “My girlfriend is mad because I haven’t updated out relationship status on FB. Seriously? Who cares? We know we’re in a relationship.”
  • “I just got in trouble with my gf because I wore jeans on a date and she wore a cute dress. I didn’t know I was supposed to dress up! We went to the movies.”
  • “My girlfriend gets so mad if I watch things on the DVR without her. What’s the big deal? I won’t spoil it.”

Men do you agree with these thoughts? Girls, are these things you stress about?