There’s A “Dirty Dancing” Resort You Can Stay At

30 years after the release of “Dirty Dancing” you can stay at a resort where Baby and Johny fell in love.

This truly is where the magic of the movie happened, it’s not in the Catskill and it’s not called Kellerman’s but it’s still an experience.

The resort is called Mountain Lake Lodge and it’s in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Fans of the classic film, “Dirty Dancing” now have the opportunity to book a cabin where it was filmed and experience similar vacation fun.

Get out of town, go to the mountains and play around in the same lake that Patrick Swayze coach Jennifer Grey to do the epic lift at the end. You can go to the main stone lodge afterwards and recreate the talent show finale. The Mountain Lake Lodge has Dirty Dancing-themed weekends to cater to your cinematic fantasies.

It’s the perfect go to spot for a girl’s trip, or you and your S.O. can hit the dance floor. You’re truly going to have the time of your life, no matter what.