Spring Break Hacks

Spring break is finally around the corner. While you’ve probably been looking forward to it, you might not have planned ahead for packing. Or, what you’re actual plans are, you just know there’s no classes. We can help with that.

One of the most stressful parts of spring break is packing last minute, you risk forgetting something or over packing. On one hand, if you over pack you probably didn’t forget anything. But you also have less room for all the shopping you’ll probably do. Whether you’re the inventory type or the play it by ear type, having some basic plans help. Especially if you do something last minute and you didn’t pack right. Check out these tips to make spring break even easier.

  1. Music Playlist: If you’re road tripping or leaving on a jet plane, music will make the travel go by a little faster. If you want something other than music, try out an audiobook or podcast.
  2. Dry Shampoo: You’re probably sharing a room with a few people and you won’t have a lot of time to shower. Dry shampoo will be your best friend and give you the appropriate beach waves.
  3. Sunscreen: Yes it seems obvious but it’s easier to forget. While getting tan sounds great, it’s important to take care of your skin. If you pack it before hand you’ll get a better deal on sunscreen at home than you would in a hotel.
  4. Speakers: Blue tooth speakers are perfect for when you’re getting ready with a big group or walking to the beach. Or tuning into your favorite country station.
  5. Swimsuits, and more swimsuits: This is crucial. You WILL need more than one swimsuit. Whether you actually swim that much or not, if your swimsuit is your outfit for a day, you probably don’t want to repeat.
  6. Extra money: Maybe you have a budget¬†planned out for you tip. Kudos to you. But you will probably find yourself spending money here and there on little mementos. There’s nothing wrong with that, just remember you need to eat too.
  7. Sweatshirt: Even if you’re packing for somewhere tropical, you need at least one sweatshirt. The beach get’s cold once the sun is setting and hotels can also be frigid.
  8. Reusable water bottle: As long as it’s empty when you go through security at the airport you’re good to go. With a reusable water bottle you can save money not buying so many waters and it’s much more environmentally friendly.
  9. Makeup Wipes: These are a must. For freshening up throughout the day, and when washing your face just sounds so terrible because you’re exhausted. Makeup wipes can help clean your face so you don’t sleep in your makeup, which is never a good idea.

Do you have big plans for spring break? Let us know in the comments below.