Southern Halo’s New Music Video

Souther Halo is a trio whose energy is infectious when they walk into a room. Their new music video, “Living Like That” captures that energy perfectly.

Southern Halo is made up of three sisters from Mississippi. These sisters are all smiles and have a very special bond.

Christina, Hannah and Natalia Morris released their first album in 2015. “Living Like That” is the third single from the record. The song was written by a close friend of the bands, Aubrey Felice Collins and Nathan Dale Stoops, Paul Taylor and Benjamin Francis Harris. “Living Like That” captures the essence of the sibling perfectly.

“We released it at the top of 2017 and it’s the best song to do at this time because it talks about how we want to start off the year, ” Natalia said.

“Living life to the fullest, having no regrets. Putting your hair down and just having fun,” Christina said.

“Being yourself basically and not letting any obstacles get in your way,” Hannah said.

The sisters are very comfortable doing interviews and finishing each other’s sentences.

Southern Halo¬†plays their own instruments with Christina on the drums, Hannah as bass and Natalia on guitar. The girls said playing “Living Like That” live gives them so much energy and they get so excited to interact with the audience.

Check out Southern Halo’s new music video for, “Living Like That”.