Signs To Know If You’re Kid Is Dehydrated

The weather is getting so hot we may just melt. But until then, we need to be staying active and hydrated, especially the kids. There’s no reason to skip out on water this summer.¬†

Kids are good at finding any reason in the world to not drink water. But this time of year is especially not the time to be skipping out on it. It’s so important to keep our bodies hydrated, it’s fun to play outside and enjoy the weather but your body gets dehydrated FAST.

Keep an eye on your kiddos and make sure they are drinking water and eating hydrating food. If you’re worried they may not be getting the water they need be sure you know the signs of dehydration.

Warning signs of dehydration:

  • Lack of sweating¬†Contigo, Twitter @thelemontreedunsborough
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Less urine – So less trips to the potty and dry diapers.
  • Dark-colored urine – Clear to light yellow are the colors you want.
  • Fewer tears – Sad as it is, a dehydrated child can’t make tears.
  • Dry mouth

If you’re seeing these signs, have them drink fluids right away. Check out these tips to rehydrate your little ones.

  • Drink small amounts of fluid more frequently
  • When it’s hot out, everyone snack on ‘watery’ foods like watermelon
  • Take breaks from playing to rehydrateTwitter
  • Get a fun water bottle so they look forward to drink water
  • Download the app ‘Plant Nanny’ you grow a plant as you drink. They will want to drink water to watch their plant grow.