Rascal Flatts Celebrated Their New Music Video Over Breakfast

Rascal Flatts celebrated their new music video, “Yours If You Want It” with some breakfast at Nashville’s Hermitage Cafe yesterday morning (March 16).

The diner where the band celebrated was the set of the video. The video stars Kristy Swanson who you may know from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Chase along with Kevin Farley from The Waterboy, Still the King.

The trio treated the cafe’s local media to any breakfast item they wanted. The staff of the cafe opened up early for the band, and also got a sneak peak of the video.

Billy Zabka (Karate Kid, Most), who is a long time friend of the ban directed the music video.  The band has raved about working with him before when he directed their music video for “Why Wait.”

The video was fun and charming focusing around an unlikely couple. The band plays staff at the cafe really embracing their roles. Joe Don Rooney plays a 16-year old whose wearing a mouth guard and strumming a broom as a guitar. Gary LeVox is in charge of the grill, singing at the top of his lungs.

The cafe’s location is especially nostalgic for the band. They used to head there for breakfast, around 3 AM. The band had their first ever photo shoot at the cafe in 1999.

Check out the music video for, “Yours If You Want It” below.