Quick Meals For Big Groups Of People

I don’t know about you, but my neighborhood is getting pretty full of visitors. This eclipse is drawing people from all over the place. My question is, “What are they all going to eat?”.

As we know, grocery stores have been ransacked all week, and restaurants are trying to prep for the crowds. If you don’t want to take a massive group of people out to eat, check out some of these recipes that can easily feed all of your visitors.

These sliders have so much flavor, easy prep and are a nice mix up from your average backyard burger.

Italian Pesto Sliders

Can you go wrong with a classic Philly Cheese Steak? Probably not.


Breakfast can be surprisingly involved when you’re feeding a lot of people, but this makes mass amounts and isn’t very difficult.

Easy Overnight Blueberry French Toast

If you have some picky kids on your hands, these pizza sliders should be a favorite with the little ones.

Pizza Sliders

“Do Nothing” cake? Sounds like my kind of party. Dessert is tricky with a lot of people but it’s hard to go wrong with cake.