Parents Aren’t Loving Back-To-School Shopping

With August comes the end of a seemingly short summer, and the beginning of a new school year. Back-to-school shopping is in full swing, and if you’re not loving it, you’re not the only one.

Oh August, the night’s get shorter and the school supplies list gets longer. Some parents are excited because the house will be quiet once in a while, but some are already over the stress of back-to-school shopping.

RetailMeNot recently did a survey parents in regards to getting ready for the new school year. Their findings may surprise you in how parents are reacting to the new school year.

87% of parents will be shopping for pencils and pens, and 86% will be browsing for clothes, 84% are looking for shoes, 82% need notebooks, and 80% on backpacks.

Some of us love to shop, even if we don’t buy anything. Window shopping can be a small stress reliever. Getting school supplies however is a whole different ball game.

The survey also found that 91% of parents say back-to-school shopping stressed them out, 85% say money is one of the big stressors, specifically how much they spend (50%),hunting down the best deals(43%) and forming a budget (33%).

Other stressors for parents include:

  • Crowds (48%)
  • Not finding what they need (43%)
  • Finding supplies that make their kids happy (36%)
  • Finding the best supplies (33%)
  • Finding the time to finish it all (30%)

While the kids are back in the classroom, parents are taking advantage of a little free time. Some of them already have plans, 44% say they’ll take themselves shopping, 43% will go out to eat with friends, 35% will exercise, 35% will go to shows or concerts and 32% will work on home improvements.

How do you get ready to go back to class?