Luke Bryan Is Hitting The Studio For His Sixth Studio Album

Luke Bryan’s most recent album, Kill the Lights came out almost two full years ago. Bryan said he’s working on a new project, so much so, that he’s halfway through.

Bryan has been hard at work but also trying to keep in mind that he needs to take breaks.

“I really have not ever taken a breath since I rolled into this town. So I’m kind of taking a little breath and enjoying that. And then you start having anxiety about not having music. So yeah, I’m in the studio and really, really proud of the stuff I’ve got…And that’s the thing: I love going in – the energy in the studio, trying to outdo myself again,” Bryan told reporters.

Bryan has been topping charts from his most recent album. Including his singles, “Kick the Dust Up” and “Home Alone Tonight,” the duet eh make with Karen Fairchild from Little Big Town.

“I’m just amazed that my radio people, my fans out there – that the cards fell where this happened. At any given moment, another artist has the highest song of the year, and you’ve No. 2 and they stay No. 1,”Bryan said. “I’m just so bless; I’ve heard it said, having a No. 1 songs is a series of a lot of miracles that happened, whether you’re the writer or whether you’re the artists. I guess six in a row, that’s a lot of miracles, so I’m good in the miracle category.”

Is it a miracle, Luke Bryan? Or are you just that good?

Bryan is currently on his ‘Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Everyday Tour accompanied by Lauren Alaina.