Kid-Friendly Christmas Ideas

As soon as the first ornament is placed on the tree, you can almost count on something getting broken.

Instead, we found some kid-friendly Christmas decorations to guarantee those grabby hands to be far away from things like the 100-year-old glass Santa your great-grandmother passed down.

We wish everyone and their families the happiest and safest holidays this season and every year to come.

Happy Holidays from River Country!

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Felt Christmas Tree

felt christmas tree for a kid-friendly christmas

This is a fun interactive way to get your kids involved with the decorating spirit without making a huge mess.

The best part about it this kid-friendly Christmas tree that the clean up is half the fun.

And parents, all you really need is some felt and a space on your wall for this activity.




Elf On the Shelf

elf on the shelf

This Christmas tradition is based on a Children’s book “The Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition,” written by Chanda A. Bell and Carol V. Aebersold in 2005.

The story tells of elves that visit homes around the world to report back to Jolly ‘Ol Saint Nick about who is naughty and who is nice.

There is only one rule that goes along with the Elf On The Shelf, and that is you cannot touch the elf, or his magic will disappear and he cannot report back to Santa.

This is a fun way to trick your kids into a month of listening to their parents in order to avoid the dreaded “naughty list.”

More Elf On The Shelf ideas here.


DIY Kids Christmas Wall Art

diy paint reindeer with kids feet

If you can make a turkey out of a handprint, who is to say you can’t make reindeer out of feet prints?

Here is a fun way for your kids to get their toes a little dirty during the holidays.

Dip their feet into some paint, have them step on the paper (I would use something a little thicker than printer paper for this one) and let it dry.

Once your feet or should I say reindeer bodies are all dry let the kids paint on the faces and antlers or you can take care of the decorating for them.

Cute way for your kids to make their mark in your home during the holidays, and something you can show them years down the road.


Cookie Ornaments

easy 3 ingredient cinnamon cookie ornaments
The Kitchen Is My Playground

“The Kitchen Is My Playground” came up with a simple 3-ingredient recipe for these adorable Christmas ornaments.

Whether your kids help make the dough and all, or you just hand over the cookie cutters to make the shapes, this is a fun and safe way to get the family involved with the decorating.

You can get a wide assortment of Christmas themed cookie cutters on Amazon or even at your local Walmart.



Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

pipe cleaner candy canes

If you want to avoid some of the sweets this holiday season you can replace the sugary treats with this alternative.

Twist the pipe cleaner around to get the striped look, tie a bow, and you have some DIY candy canes. You can hang these puppies on the tree or place them in a mason jar for a bouquet of candy canes.







Snow Slide Railing

Snowy Stair Railing

This idea is so cute and fluffy, your kids are going to love it. Not only is it a fun twist on the usual light wrapped stair railing, but it gives a little cushion on the stairs as well.

Much needed on Christmas day when the kids start sprinting down the stairway to see what Santa has brought.

Penguins seem to be the most fitting when it comes to stuffed animals that are going to be sliding down the “icy” railing, but you can easily customize this to fit your family and make your kids happy.




Paper Chain Advent Calendar

DIY Advent calendar chain

You can make an event chain for any reason. Birthday countdown, New Years countdown, but especially Christmas countdown.

There are a ton of ways to make the countdown chain, but check out this Christmas tree one! Not too sure how it will look once the leaves start coming off as the month goes on though, but at least the start is cute.