Keep Your Home Safe For The Holidays

With the holidays coming up, we all need to be taking the extra precautions to keep our homes and families safe. 

Whether you are leaving town for Thanksgiving, or just stepping out of the house the day after Christmas, this is the time of year that the number of home invasions spike.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your home and family stay safe through the holidays.

I personally have looked into concepts similar to the neighborhood watch program and came across a program the Idaho Falls Police Department offers. The department will do vacation checks for your home, they described it as,

“Citizens Watch Patrol volunteers assist the Idaho Falls Police Department in making home checks as often as possible while you are away. If any problem is discovered, the appropriate agency will be contacted to respond. Every attempt will be made to contact a person you have chosen to be responsible for your home in your absence.”

– Idaho Falls Idaho Government Website

You can submit requests here for the Idaho Falls area. Check with your local police station to see what they can do to monitor your home.

Additionally, there are some other tips and small purchases you can make to keep your home safe.

Compact Large Trash Items

When it comes to larger items such as televisions, computers, new furniture, etc. they usually come in larger cardboard boxes. Take the time to break these down and only fill your garbage as much as can fit with the lid closed.

Broadcasting to the neighborhood the new 60-inch flat screen you got for Christmas could put you on the top of the list when it comes to a home invasion.

If you don’t already have one, purchase a box cutter for less than $4 and take the time. It is worth it.

Leave Electronics ON

If you are heading out for the day after Christmas and plan on being gone for a few hours, turn on your television or have a radio on. If it LOOKS like someone is home, odds are no one is going to risk it.

Alternatively, there are a ton of smart light bulbs you can purchase or smart plugs that you can turn on and off lights from your phone. Turn the lights on and off a few times while you are away. These are a little more expensive, usually around $30 but worth the investment.

Communicate With Neighbors

I don’t necessarily mean tell your next door neighbor that moved in last week that you are leaving for Thanksgiving or Christmas. But if you have a friendly neighbor that you can trust, let them know that you will be gone. If you have someone coming to get the mail, let them know of that as well. (Let’s avoid some unnecessary calls to the police station.)

Keep Up Routines

If you get your lawn serviced, don’t stop it while you are away. If you are normally on top of plowing the snow or raking the leaves, hire someone to take care of this while you are away. You want to make sure you keep up the “routines” so that it looks like you are still around.

There are a lot of things you can do on top of these such as security systems, dogs, house sitters, etc. But above are just some quick and easy things you add in before a trip. At River Country, we want everyone to have the happiest of holidays this season and all the years to come.

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