Help Your Kids Continue Learning This Summer

Kids are all about summer vacation. It’s a break from homework and school that they absolutely deserve. 

Summer vacation doesn’t have to mean kids lose everything they just learned though. It’s easy to overlook the importance of working on their education when everyone just wants a break.

But we have to keep in mind how hard it is to get back at school in August and realizing that you don’t remember as much as you thought you would.

Check out some ideas to help your kids stay on track this summer.

  • Use baseball to help math skills. While you’re watching a game on TV or in person, track the stats and calculate the averages. This can make it feel fun instead of like working.
  • Measure twice, multiply, divide, add or subtract. Start a project that will have more than one great outcome. Do a project that requires measuring, this can be building, baking sewing or making models. This helps you apply real life situations in math.

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  • Fill a terrarium and a field guide. Take an old fish tank or a glass jar and make a terrarium with rocks, sticks, insects, and plants. Then you can use science skills to identify environments and habitats. Then create a field guide to document different discoveries.
  • Go star gazing. You can go to a planetarium or sit outside at night. This way you can learn about the constellations.
  • Living history. Head to the library to learn the history of the area.
  • Interview an expert of some kind. This can be a loved one and have them just find out about life for someone older for them.
  • Graffiti poetry. Read some poetry that is specifically for kids. Like Shel Silverstein. Pick some favorites then head outside and draw it on the sidewalk.