Halloween Parents Secrets

A new statistic says that 72% of parents will indulge in their children’s candy, but what other things will Halloween parents be doing this year?

As a child, Halloween was always an electrifying time for my siblings and me. Dressing up and staying out late were just some of the perks, but just like a kid in a candy shop, Halloween WAS our candy shop! However, there was always one moment that we hated: the candy limit. My parents only let us keep 50 pieces of candy!

Granted, we could keep or trade whatever we wanted, but by the end of the night, we still only ended up with 50 pieces in our plastic pumpkin buckets.

That’s why we always tried to eat as many pieces of candy before we got back to the house to count it all out.

I always thought this was unfair, especially when all the kids at school bragged about how much candy they got. But my childish mind was warped by the reality of the situation:

85% of parents make sure that their kids do not indulge. Furthermore, 37% of those people set candy limits.

I guess my parents weren’t so spiteful after all. I think it was a good thing though because I remember my older brother eating all 50 of his pieces in one sitting.

26% of parents who ensure their kids don’t indulge act as a gatekeeper for the candy and distribute it as time goes by.

Maybe this Halloween, I restrain my own candy indulgences.