Family Snow Fun

Some people love going outside and throwing snowballs, making snow angels, and making snowmen. Some people like to take advantage of winter by not leaving their house. 

This season, take advantage of the frosty white flakes and try out some of these family-friendly activities, inside and out!

There is the usual snowman building, the snowball fights, snow angels, and sliding down a snowy hill, but here are some you may not have tried before.

The first easy activity is mixing up some water and food coloring in a spray bottle, and you have snow paint!

This is super cheap for you and your kids and is a super easy cleanup, meaning you don’t have to! It will just melt away with the rest of the snow.


snow fun for kids

This next one you may have to prep for the younger kids in your family. First, make some colored frozen ice blocks by filling different size and shaped containers with water and food coloring. Once you have all those frozen and ready to go, bring them outside for some at home ice building blocks!

Arlee from Small Potatoes also suggested you can do this activity inside as well! Just make sure you put a bucket of some sort under the ice for less clean up when it starts melting.


ice blocks to build with


This is my personal favorite because who didn’t love playing with Mr. and Mrs. Potato head as a kid?


potato heads in the snow

If you have younger kids, you can also make this a little bit of an educational experience. Play with letters in the snow! Have them recognize the different letters and sounds as they dig through the snow.


snow letter hunt

If athletics are your thing, you can make your own target out of snow and do a throwing contest. This can be done with a baseball, football, frisbee, whatever your heart desires.

snow toss