When Is It Too Early For Christmas Decorations?

Each year, it seems that retail stores try to beat their competitors to the holiday season by setting up Christmas decorations in advance. Some may say a little too far in advance.

The weekend before Halloween this year, customers were frantically running into Wal-mart for some last-minute costume items, but what hit them in the face? CHRISTMAS decorations!

Even Wal-mart’s website homepage features Christmas shopping:

But Christmas before Halloween?

So here is the question that needs to be asked: When is it appropriate to begin displaying Christmas decorations?

Retailers clearly don’t think you need to wait at all. Some stores even offer sales and promotions for buying the Christmas collections before the season is here.

It is easy to see the competitive nature of retail stores trying to get ahead as they open their stores earlier and earlier each year for Black Friday. While the assumption may be that this day is the catalyst for the holiday shopping, it is easy to find some stellar Christmas sales beforehand. For example, Hobby Lobby currently has 50% off all Christmas items event.

It seems, however, as though this is a “chicken and the egg” scenario: Are stores promoting the holidays early because their customers are so excited about them, or are customers excited about the holidays because the stores are holding the holiday sales?

Whatever the case, people are clearly excited about Christmas. For example, here is a Facebook post that has almost 13 million views:

This whole situation has risen in popularity in just the past couple of years. You can check your Christmas obsession by using this checklist.

Each person may have a different opinion, but the safe guess is to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate.