Couple Takes In 70 Foster Children After Hurricane Irma

Millionaires, Marc Bell and his wife, Jennifer, of Boca Raton, Florida, decided to put their wealth and resources to good use by housing 70 foster children.

Bell works on the board of directors for a foster program in Florida and got a call with this situation: Hurricane Irma displaced 70 foster children from two shelters and the kids had no place to go. Bell acted instinctivly and immediately offered to house these children until the board could find more permanent locations for the children.

Essentially the Bells invited 70 children to live with them in their 27,000 square feet mansion.

The Bell family did everything they could to give the children something to enjoy. The couple gave the children access to their whole home, including a pool, basketball court, game room, a home theatre, and more. They also hired a balloon artist, manicurists, and a guitar player to provide entertainment.

Knowing the trama and devestation these children had previously undergone, Jennifer Bell said, “To have these kids feel welcomed and to just feel comfortable, as a mom it just makes you feel like you’re doing something good.”

The Bell family does not know how long the children will stay, but it is clear that they will remain with the Bells until the foster care community can find permenate relief and shelter for each child.

To help in finding shelter for the children, you can donate on their GoFundMe page here.