Country Pumpkin Carving and Decor

The Halloween spirit is floating around river country and what better way to get into the spirit than pumpkin carving? 

Take a look at these pumpkin carving and decor ideas you and the family can try this year.

Sometimes you may not feel comfortable putting a carving tool in the hands of your enthusiastic child. That’s understandable and maybe you don’t have time to help everyone carve their pumpkins. Take the chance to let their creativity flow without sharp tools, and hand over the paint brushes instead.

So whether you’re carving out your love of country or slavering a nice gourd in paint, there are plenty of ideas for you.

Country Living has these great painted pumpkin ideas that are so fun.

Have you ever had the burning desire to carve your favorite country star? You’re not alone! Not only are there examples but templates to help you!

These painting and decorating ideas are perfect for the kiddos.

21 Ways for kids to decorate pumpkins without carving

These painting ideas are ideal for every toddler.

Toddler Fun – Pumpkin Painting {Craft}

Are you feeling extra creative? This melted crayon will make any pumpkin the ‘gourd of the ball’!

Melted Crayon Pumpkin Craft

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