Celebrity Crushes

We all have that one celebrity we allow our significant others to fawn over since we all know the odds are so low of them ever actually being in the same room. 

This goes for celebrities as well! Our country stars have admitted some of their celebrity crushes.

The newest discovery was by recently married Thomas Rhett. He revealed in an interview with Big Machine Label Group,

“My celebrity crush changes variously. For the longest time it was Rachel McAdams and she will probably always be in there, but lately it has been the girl from Tarzan, Margot Robbie. It’s my new celebrity crush.”

So Mrs. McAdams and Mrs. Robbie if you ever run into Thomas Rhett on the red carpet, be sure to say hello.

We also had a ton of Country stars spill on their crushes during the Country Music Awards a few years back. Check out the video below!