Blake Shelton Is Done With Photoshoots

Blake Shelton was recently named as People magazine’s Sexiest Man of the Year,” and while he is basking in the glory, he hates the idea of doing photoshoots.

Most famous people like to get their photo taken a lot, especially if the public recognizes their extremely good looks. While this is just part of the fame and fortune, it’s not what Shelton is looking for.

In an interview with Kix Brooks, Shelton talked about how much he hates spending time doing photoshoots. To him, it is a waste of time.

He realized this feeling a couple of years ago: “Photo sessions, without question, are the [worst thing I have to do]… I did [a] magazine about three years ago, Men’s Journal, and it was a photoshoot, interview, and they didn’t do anything wrong, but that’s when it hit me- I don’t care what it means, what kind of exposure… I’m not doing them anymore.”

Here is one photo from that Men’s Journal photoshoot:

Men's Journal
Men’s Journal

The determination to avoid further photoshoots didn’t last long because he ended up doing another photo session about three weeks ago.

Shelton compared this injustice to George Strait: “You ought to be able to get away with a picture every 10 years. George Strait has been using the same pictures for albums since 1989. There’s nobody talking George Strait into doing a photoshoot.” 

He has a point; there is a collection of recent George Strait photos on his website, but none of them come from a photoshoot. Rather, they are snapshots of his musical performances and recreation activities. 

Hopefully, Blake Shelton gets it straight soon, but it looks like he will have to wait at least a year as he is still known for being the sexiest man for 2017.