“America’s Got Talent” Hits the Golden Buzzer For Christian Guardino

“America’s Got Talent” auditions are in full swing and the contestants this year are blowing the judges out of the water. One 16 year old not only received a standing ovation but the golden buzzer from the judges.

“America’s Got Talent” is back for 2017, hosted by Tyra Banks. The contestants this year are bringing in mass amounts of talent from all over. One contestant of just 16 years, is Christian Guardino and he stole hearts with his recent audition.

Tyra Banks the host, tweeted about Guardino herself after his performance.

Guardino admitted to judge Simon Cowell that he was nervous and after being reassured by Cowell he began his audition, singing. His audition was the final one of last night’s episode with an incredible rendition of “Who’s Loving You.”

Howie Mandel, twitter
Howie Mandel, Twitter

Guardiano wouldn’t have been able to see the judges standing, had fate gone another direction. Guardino had been blind for most of his life until an experimental treatment gave him back his sight.

Howie asked Christian if he could have one wish in that moment what would it be? Guardino answered, “to get the Golden Buzzer.” Christian’s wish came true when Howie gave him the buzzer and crowd lost it.