7 Packing Tips and More For Your Summer Travel Plans

Summer is a time for family, friends, late nights, and travel. Don’t let the stress of traveling get to you this summer.

Traveling can be overwhelming, whether it’s a road trip or a flight, by yourself or with family. Packing is one aspect that is best when made as stress free as possible. Check out some these packing and traveling tips for your summer tips.

  1. Saving a little dough here and there never hurt anyone. It’s always nice to know you’re doing what you can to save money on a trip.
  2. In the nice weather, sunscreen is a must. Some sunscreens may not agree with your skin and some of the ‘nicer’ brands are crazy expensive. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen but check the drugstore before you check Sephora.
  3. Sometimes traveling light sounds too good to be true. It seems easier when the weather is nice and your clothes are lighter to not over pack as much. It’s not always as simple as it sounds though.
  4. Don’t be afraid to pack your makeup but be sure it’s packed well so none of it breaks.
  5. If you’re flying, your carry on is going to be your best friend.
  6. On the other hand, you’re going to need even more for a road trip. Especially with young kids. These hacks are going to make that road trip a little easier to keep things organized and minimize the potential screaming.
  7. If you’re staying in a location for a longer time it’s going to be cheaper and a probably more comfortable in an air bnb than in a hotel.