Brett Eldredge… It’s All About That Bass

by Ty Austin in Main Story

Is Brett hooking up with Meghan Trainor? The Internet is full of speculation is suggesting that Brett Eldredge may have hooked up with Meghan Trainor, the chick who [...]

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TNT In The Morning

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    Here’s something to freak you out:  A third of your neighbors are spying on you. A new survey commissioned by Yale University found that one in three homeowners admit [...]
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    We thought every couple had pet names for each other – well, not everyone. We’ve got the results from a new survey on pet names and here are the five highlights [...]
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    Who doesn’t like a little random knowledge from time to time? Don’t you wanna know why Rahm Emanuel is missing part of his right middle finger? Or what inspired [...]

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    Thanks for checking out the new music on River Country! We update this each week with the latest music out of Nashville.  Also, listen to River Country streaming online to [...]

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