Double Trouble.. Double Shocker!

by Tommie Jo in Main Story

Have you ever seen a pair of twins that are almost impossible to tell apart? Lucy and her twin sister Maria sure don’t have that problem. They may be about as opposite [...]

Music News

  • shaniatwain
    Find those cowboy boots, get your special someone, and hold on tight Shania Twain is heading to a city near you. ENERGYSOLUTIONS ARENA Artist: Shania [...]
  • carrienewbaby
    Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher made a huge announcement earlier,  the birth of their first child, a son named Isaiah Michael Fisher. Technically the baby was born Friday [...]
  • fatihhillneckscar
    Faith Hill posted a picture online just last week of her amazing new hair cut.  When Faith Hill posted a instagram picture online last week just days before the Oscars, all [...]

TNT In The Morning

  • ty
    I’m surprised people don’t commit more random acts of kindness these days.  I mean, you could totally take a selfie while you were doing it, post it on Facebook, [...]
  • untitled (56)
    What would you do if you found $10,000? A lot of people would just keep it, but one University of South Alabama student did the right thing. Now, others are spreading his [...]
  • academyawards-2015
    Don’t worry about missing the show last night, I have the whole list of winners below. Best picture: “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).” [...]

New Music

  • neednewmusic
    Thanks for checking out the new music on River Country! We update this each week with the latest music out of Nashville.  Also, listen to River Country streaming online to [...]

More Featured Articles

  • idahofalls
    Idaho Falls Councilman Dee Whittier has passed away. Whittier suffered a heart attack last week and passed away on Sunday. Whittier was an independent personal financial [...]
  • gold stolen
    They thought it might be a flat tire or mechanical issues, but security guards in North Carolina soon realized they had been set up.  Police  in eastern North Carolina [...]
  • bacon
    Or maybe we should say it’s a bacon breaking record. No matter how you look at this story it gives you a belly ache.  No matter how much you love or even like bacon, [...]


  • camel
    What has 4 legs, is furry, and can make you smile no matter what day it is? Meet Gobi, a three year-old Bactrian camel who will eventually weigh over 2,000 pounds. At about [...]
  • homeworkout
    Think you have no time for that workout? Well a new article from parents.com says that there is time ladies, and it could save your life. They are calling it the best home [...]
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